Jamie Barrow - UK's Fastest Snowboarder

"I have worked with some of the biggest brands like Sony and Maserati for my World Records. Si has created a unique guide that should be mandatory reading for anyone pursuing a career in sport, any sport! If only I had this book when I was starting out, it would have saved me a LOT of time, energy AND money!"

WHY do MOST athletes get it WRONG when it comes to SPONSORSHIPS (...and it's not what you think!)

In This NEW Book, #20 SECRETS Will Be Revealed That You Can Use to Supercharge Any Sports Career. Learn What Sponsors ACTUALLY Want And HELP YOU Stand Out From The CROWD.

Discover The Tactics, Strategies And Habits Used By World Class Performers In The Fields Of Psychology, Business And Sports.

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Who this book is for

  • ATHLETES wanting to pursue sponsorships
  • COACHES wanting to support athletes
  • PARENTS wanting to understand sponsorships
  • BUSINESSES wanting to sponsor athletes

What Will I Learn?

Learn about sponsorships... REGARDLESS of who you are, and what sport you do!

Skateboard, snowboard, ski, BMX, rock-climbers, surfers, crossfitters, motor sports...

...The principles and strategies transcend ALL sports The Are universal!

It could be the most important Book you ever read On Sponsorships

BUT...Let Me Be Clear With One Thing...

This is NOT one of those sites that "promises" To make You millions with the push of a button.

This is what you'll learn...

Part 1

Bullet-Proof Mindset

#10 Secrets break down the core components to building the right mindset for sponsorship success.

Plus get 10 must-read books to push your knowledge beyond the average human.

  • SECRET #1 How sport can be a legitimate career OR a hobby
  • SECRET #2 Why it will take about ten-thousand hours to realise your potential
  • SECRET #3 How to know when you are "good enough"
  • SECRET #4 Why you need to make a decision and commit!
  • SECRET #5 Why you need to FAIL, to succeed
  • SECRET #6 Why you must get out of your own way
  • SECRET #7 Why willpower doesn't work
  • SECRET #8 How you can define your OWN success
  • SECRET #9 Why your success is the product of daily habits
  • SECRET #10 Why you need to SLOW DOWN!

Part 2

How Businesses Think

#10 Secrets explaining how businesses think about sponsorships.

Look inside the minds of businesses and learn what they expect from athletes, yet rarely tell them!!

  • SECRET #11 The Real Reason Businesses Sponsor Athletes
  • SECRET #12 How To Calculate AND Communicate Your Value To A Business
  • SECRET #13 Why You Need To SHOUT So The World Can Hear
  • SECRET #14 Ken Block, Ken Block, Ken Block!
  • SECRET #15 Why Facts Tell, And Stories WIN Sponsorships
  • SECRET #16 The Power Of Personal Brand
  • SECRET #17 Why Sponsors' Love Entrepreneurs
  • SECRET #18 Why All Sponsors Are Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than Others
  • SECRET #19 Why Sponsorships Are Like Ladders
  • SECRET #20 Why Your Attitude Counts

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What's the catch??


No catch!

Sponsorships can be difficult to master because...

Talent is no guarantee of success and for every Pro you know, there are a hundred equally talented athletes fighting for recognition.

Success depends on thinking differently from the crowd.

Athletes NEED a different set of skills to succeed.

Securing sponsorships FIRST requires knowledge.

You must learn what businesses actually want...and it's not those Olympic medals (although they wouldn't hurt)

*You CAN beat the competition.

*You CAN own your learning.

*You CAN read Sponsorship Secrets

It contains what you need to understand sponsorships in ACTION SPORTS.

Don't wait for permission, take control of your career, NOW!

What Do Others Think

I competed in the Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic Games as sighted guide for visually impaired alpine skier Menna Fitzpartick. We become GB's most successful Winter Paralympians winning 4 medals including Gold! We were fortunate to work with, and be sponsored by several large brands over the years but the journey to get these sponsorships wasn't easy or straightforward. We had a steep learning curve on our journey and even winning Gold, we still needed to work hard to maintain a great relationship with our sponsors. Having the knowledge from Si's book to hand would have made our journey so much simpler. It's a great book for athletes at any level to read to help them get the most out of their sponsorships, maintain the relationships over the long term and take some stress out of the financial side of sport.


Jennifer Kehoe MBE

Gold Medal Paralympian Alpine Skier

I have worked with some of the biggest brands like Sony and Maserati for my World Records. Si has created a unique guide that should be mandatory reading for anyone pursuing a career in sport, any sport! If only I had this book when I was starting out, it would have saved me a LOT of time, energy AND money!


Jamie Barrow

UK's Fastest Snowboarder

This book dismantles the perception of sponsorship as just a way of “getting free stuff for my sport” and reconstructs it into the very foundations on which to build a long-term, self-sustaining career as an athlete in the sport you love.


Andy Fierman


This book is a must read to anyone seeking sponsorship and general skills development skills. If I had read this when I was younger, I would have saved years of figuring out the best way to improve my performance and sponsorship goals.


Emma Peters

World Cup Ski Cross Athlete

I’d recommend the book both on my social media and also by word of mouth, as it’s something that’s talked about very frequently so any conversation it came up I’d mention it! I’d say it’s very well broken down to not only teach what it is you’re trying to get across, but the way the books layed out and written also allows anyone to easily understand the why behind the importance of the matter!


Brandon Cain

World Cup SBX Athlete

THE go-to guide for any serious athlete wanting to create a financially viable career! An insightful guide through the quandary that is sponsorship and the world of the professional athlete.


Sarah Harrison


The advice given in the book helps make the step to getting a sponsor that much easier. The coaching the author provides is second to none!


Chris & Helen Dodgson


If you are ready to take the next step in your professional sport, this is for you.


Mark Dodgson


Si has a deep knowledge for both sport and coaching. In a short period of time I picked up some simple but hugely effective techniques which I have continued to use ever since. This book is great for aspiring action sport athletes and those looking to build a career. With lots of guidance and advice from a well informed perspective.


Kyle Wise

European Cup SBX Athlete

The Story Behind The Author & Book

Si is a lifelong learner and passionate teacher. A former British Army Officer, Professional Snowboarder and Great British Paralympic Snowboard Coach, he has a broad range of knowledge, skill and experience to draw from.

As an athlete competing for Great Britain he struggled from injuries and bruised ego in the pursuit of a dream to compete at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

But the injuries did not hurt him much as quitting the sport he loved because.

Despite the medals he won, it seemed sponsors didn't care...

...He secured the support from a few great businesses. But all he got were some freebies and discounted products.

...What he didn't realise was they were testing him!

It was like a game that he didn't even know he was playing and he didn't know the rules!

He had no clue how sponsorships actually worked, what businesses expected nor how to give it to them.

Si wrote Sponsorship Secrets to provide answers for athletes, parents and coaches.

It is the book he WISHED he had as an athlete.

It is the book he WISHED he could gift to his athletes and their parents

It is the book he HOPES will deliver clarity to a subject that is poorly understood.

Sponsorship Secrets was written for groms and seasoned Pro's. For those seeking their first sponsor or their fifth.


Si hopes Sponsorship Secrets can be your companion, literary-mentor and reference-guide, throughout this crazy and unconventional career.





Your questions: our answers

How do I know it works?
The content has been robustly researched and tested.
How will this book help me?
Athletes will struggle to find anyone who can teach you about sponsorships. This book has been thoroughly researched and tested by athletes, parents and coaches-it works!
When will I know if I am good enough for sponsors?
The answer is inside, in fact there is an entire chapter dedicated to this question.
Where can I find a hard copy of the book?
Coming soon, the best thing about a FREE ebook is that you can share it.
How do I get help with sponsorships?
If the content doesn't cover everything you need or you have additional questions then reach out to us at Si@sponsorship-secrets.com


Si Hunter Nicholson

Former GB Snowboarder & Paralympic Team Coach


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